Understanding the Value of CPR Training for Toronto Companies

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In the workplace, employers are reinforcing the need for CPR training. In Toronto, companies will be the first to tell you that health and safety is at the core of all of their business practices and activities. The WSIB has set forth requirements that there must be an employee trained in emergency first aid in workplaces that have five or more employees. It is often recommended that employers train multiple employees to ensure that each shift is covered with at least one individual with first aid and CPR training. This is to help ensure that the company is always adhering by the compliance requirements set forth by the WSIB, even when someone is sick or on break.  Since some professions require CPR training and certification, companies have adapted to providing customized group training sessions of up to 95 people in order to accommodate the growing and changing needs of different organizations.

On-Site or Off-Sight Training

Trusted training companies, such as Synergy Employment Services, offer either on-site or off-site training depending on the needs of your business. Their scheduling is extremely flexible. Courses can be scheduled for large or small groups, on weekdays or weekends at their Toronto Training Center. CPR certification courses are also offered at York University for nursing students and other interested students all summer long.

Competitive Pricing

Aside from great training and service, Synergy Employment Services offers the lowest price out of all of Toronto's five main competitors for CPR recertification. They have established this competitive advantage by establishing other streams of business that are profitable, allowing them to provide the most value during the training process. Synergy believes that CPR training can save lives, but they know that compliance begins with education. Being passionate about the education process, their competitive pricing and price match guarantee ensures that they are providing the most value during the education process.

Affiliation with Red Cross

Not only do their instructors have a minimum of 10 years of experience, but also Synergy Employment is a training partner of the Red Cross. Red Cross CPR certification programs are valid for up to three years; however, in certain occupations, annual recertification is required to stay up to date on the latest knowledge, skills and techniques. The Red Cross maintains a national registry of all participants to ensure compliance in the case of lost or stolen documentation.
Most companies know the value of health and safety. CPR training in Toronto can be expensive, especially if your company is looking to train a large group of people. It is important to look for a company with competitive pricing, experienced instructors, and affiliation with the Red Cross. Red Cross training programs are valid for up to three years upon certification, but it is often recommended that participants sharpen their skills through annual recertification.
As of next year the Canadian Red Cross will stop providing training at their own sites and will rely on their training partners such as Synergy for the delivery of First Aid and CPR programs.

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